How to Add an Entry from Vessel with an ETR on or after 1800

Watch the video below. The video shows one process to enter a vessel with an ETR on or after 1800 to G-Log.  After the video you may take the quiz.

ETR After 1800

If a vessel Logs On during the week and advises us that they are returning after 1800hrs, the steps to be taken are;


  • Advise the vessel that we close at 1800hrs and we require them to call us at 1745hrs to confirm their position. At this time, they will be taken off our Log. Please ensure that their then current position is recorded in the Comments Box.
  • It should be emphasized that failure to call us prior to 1800hrs we are obliged to contact the Water Police and this may result in the Water Police initiating a search.
  • If they require our assistance after 1800hrs, they can call us on our base number 3408 7596 or in case of an emergency broadcast it on VHF Channel 16 or 27MHz Channel 88.

If the vessel fails to call by 1800hrs and you have tried to reach them by calling them on all the appropriate channels and by mobile phone, advise the URC and then the Water Police.

Once the Water Police have been advised, they will make their own enquiries and advise us whether the vessel can be logged off, or to activate the call-out crew to initiate a search.

Ensure that all steps taken are entered into our Log

Overdue Vessels

A vessel is overdue once the logged ETR has passed. The Radio Operator must attempt to contact the vessel at the original ETR and several times over the next 15 minutes after the ETR has passed.

Frequency of attempted contact is determined by the conditions and prevailing circumstances. Every attempt at contact must be recorded on the G-log (use the overdue call type). Record all failed attempts as “Nothing Heard

Try all relevant channels to contact the vessel.  If supplied, try the mobile phone number. Try the home phone as a last resort to avoid unnecessary concern.

Contact all appropriate Coastal Radio Stations to see if they have had contact with the overdue vessel

If appropriate, make an All Stations contact to vessels in the location in which you expect the overdue vessel. Ask if any vessel has sighted the overdue vessel.

When the vessel is overdue by the designated 30-minute period, the matter must be reported to Water Police.

At the end of the Watch, if the vessel is overdue the Radio Operator will continue to monitor the situation. If they are unable to continue the watch, they should call in the after-hours radio operator and advise the URC and the Commodore.

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