Third Party Log Off

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The call type of the THIRD PARTY LOG OFF is a ...

How can you check if the Vessel Name is correctly entered?

Where can you follow the THIRD PARTY LOG OFF actions?

Vessel B has radio problems. Vessel A logs off Vessel B. Which vessel is entered into the LINK TO STATION

After recording the Call Sign of the Third Party you must then click on ...

If you receive a tracking sheet from CG Mooloolaba for a vessel transiting Bribie Waterways to Brisbane you should ...

In a THIRD PARTY LOG OFF what do you enter in the Station From Panel?

Third Party Log Off should be used ...

What vessel is recorded in the LINK TO STATION? (image)

Every vessel being tracked will be a third party log off.

When a vessel has been logged off by a Third Party, they will stay on the ETR view.


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