Logging Unknown Vessel

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  1. When a vessel requests to be logged on, the radio operator must firstly …
    My answer was: get all the information quickly.
    Correct answer is: record the call sign and ADD AN ENTRY to bring up the vessel details.
    Question: This module is Logging an Unknown Vessel; therefore, if you ADD AN ENTRY it will not bring up the vessel details as the vessel has not logged on before. This is an ambiguous question.

    1. Hi Bernie – Whatever happens and under every log on condition, you must first record the call sign (usually in the notebook) and then ADD an entry to G-Log. If it is an unknown vessel, you should check the see if the vessel has logged on previously before moving to the ADD NEW VESSEL form – which is an option when you ADD ENTRY. Of course you should only accept registration numbers – not names.

      Either way the steps are 1. Record Call sign . 2. Add Entry.

      I’m not sure what part you think is ambiguous.

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