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When must life jackets be worn during an assist?

If the assisted vessel radios in to log off AFTER being logged off as a thrird party log off by our rescue vessel, you should enter the call as a ...

A vessel has logged on but now calls for assistance. Which statement is true?

Once the Rescue Vessel has been dispatched the radio operator must ...

When you click the ASSIST tab ... 

What processes are used to ensure the correct vessel is entered into the G-Log?

It is critical to enter the correct vessel in G-Log because ...

The Nature of the Problem recorded in the ASSIST sheet will enable the crew to plan their course of action.

Once the ASSIST sheet is saved, the details and the data goes to ...

When completing location details for the Assist Sheet you should ...

One thought on “Assists”

  1. There is definitely something ‘bizarre’ in the answers system – the first time i did this quiz I got 8 out of 10 – when checking the incorrect answers I noted that my answer was left blank and the answer given as the correct answer was in fact what I had answered.
    I then completed the quiz again with the same results…..

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