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The FILTER BY DATE lists every call made or received on the date selected, including the opening and closing calls.

A tick in the Cplt box indicates what?

The FILTER by STATION FROM button lists the call signs of vessels listed inside the database.

You wish to find the details of activity of a certain day. Which filter is best to use?

Why do you use FILTERS?

A vessel is on the long term log. Is it still on the Daily Log even if it not due back?

A vessel calls for a radio check. Does it appear on the DAILY LOG?

A tick appears in the S/By column of the Daily Log. What should you do?

Are you permitted to print the DAILY LOG for your own records?

The DAILY LOG is in tabular form sorted by what?

2 thoughts on “Applying Filters”

  1. I would have thought that data privacy would preclude the printing of data for your own records:

    Are you permitted to print the DAILY LOG for your own records?

    The Answer You Provided: No
    The Correct Answer: Yes

    1. Hi Tom,

      Privacy is very important. The daily log only includes details of a vessel call sign, when they leave and return. There are no personal details on the daily log. If you have a particulraly complex day, you might want to keep the records just in case further advice is sought from you. The might include difficult assists, or QPS intervention. For most shifts, this is not necessary but there can be difficult situations where you want to maintain your own records.

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